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To toss a midget after having sex with it.
- The carnival is in town, wanna come?
- Hm... To twurf or not to twurf?

- The Kappa Sigma house just got a case of crash helmets!
- Why? They went full retard?
- No, man! We gonna be Twurfing, TONIGHT.

midget dwarf sex party sorority regret toss throw
by Focushour April 16, 2010
3 0
a pussy murf. combination of words "twat" and "murf".
Andrew: Did you see that one chick in the spandex shorts.

Gabe: Hell yeah, she was rockin' a mean twurf.
by Gabriel D. Sanchez June 01, 2009
4 1
A Twist & Flip.

(hair style, stunt)
That twurf was tight man.

Nice twurf lil man!
by Daax February 12, 2009
1 0