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A person who sets down a bunch of rules and guidelines on how Twitter should be used. Could also be someone who takes Twitter too seriously.
"Did you see Tate's post about being annoyed that people post too much to Twitter? That was a Twouchebag move."

"I don't want to subscribe to his blog. He's such a Twouchebag."
by purple_piggy_bank July 22, 2008
1. When someone has gone above and beyond the average douchebag level, they are referred to as a twouchebag.

2. It can also refer to a pair, or couple, that are both acting like douchebags, therefore summing to one twouchebag.
That spiky-haired, fist pumping Jersey shore asshole is such a twouchebag. OR Wow, Andre and Cassie are such a twouchebag couple, I never want to hang out with them again!
by shrink05 July 22, 2010
a douchebag that is on twitter
I hate it when that twouchebag tweets.
by dnagyrase March 21, 2009
Someone who twitters too much about boring things.
That @scobleizer is such a twouchebag!
by Ikcor December 11, 2008