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A combination of a Twat and a Douche
Person A: "Hi, do you like my new crombie t-shirt, it 's so ACE! I feel so cash in it!"

Person B: "Shut up you fucking Twouche!"
by Sforce-smashT May 15, 2009
Someone who uses Twitter, or "Tweets" useless and meaningless crap. Over, and over, and over, and over, in rapid succession. Also known as a Twouche Bag.
Bob: Wants Lunch, 15 Minutes ago.

Bob: What should I have for lunch? 13 Minutes ago.

Bob: I think I'll have a sandwich, 10 Minutes ago.

Bob: Sandwich sounds good, 8 Minutes ago.

Bob: I had ice-cream, About 40 Seconds ago.

Jane: @Bob, You are a Twouche, stop that.
by umberlolzazz January 18, 2009