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A twob is someone of whom is the combination of a twat and knob. When one or the other just isn't enough, the term twob is the acceptable insult.
"That guy is a right twob."

"I hate that twob."

"Hey, isn't that the twob who stole your umbrella?"
by Max Headroom February 05, 2013
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1. One who assumes he has a vast knowledge of twitter.
2. A twitter snob.
@Dili is such a twob!
by lunu September 09, 2010
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A Twitter snob.
"I'm trying TweetDeck out now, I miss PowerTwitters URL and image embedding, instead of just the short URL. I'm definitely a hardcore twob."
by whythulc September 14, 2009
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A person who is both a 'twat' and a 'snob'
Did she just like her own profile picture? Wow she is such a twob.
by kathycheese123 April 23, 2012
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