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"TwoHoles" simply means to have 2 assholes. Having an ingrown ass hair causes the opening of the second hole. The first person on record to have "TwoHoles" is Rino who is now called TwoHoles. People who have "TwoHoles" are usually known to be useless so watch out!
Shooter McGavin: hey you see that kid with TwoHoles over there?
Chris: Oh yeah I see him, isn't that Rino?
Shooter McGavin: Yeah that TwoHoled bastard is pretty useless.
Chris: You said it!
by Hole-Killa February 21, 2006
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Slang term for da butt.
(golf course)
Francois: "Do you mind if my partner and I play through to hole #2? Your party is taking quite a while on hole #1."
Steve: "Yeah I bet you can't wait to get to the two hole, fudge packer. Hope you get in a good putt from the rough or two over there."
Francois: "Oh, thtop it. You're tho thilly."
by Nick D October 11, 2005
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