Mediocre; run of the mill; as if by chance (Australia). From the Australian national joke: A young Indian brave goes to his Chief to ask for advice. "Chief?" he asked. "How do you choose the names you give us?" The old man responds, "You see your friend there? I named him Soaring Eagle after the first thing that I saw when he was born. That goes for everyone I name. But you of all the braves should know this, Two Dogs Fucking."
"G'day mate. How was the band last night?"
"Two dogs. Might as well've stayed home."
"Crikes. I heard they was good."
by Joe 6 Mama July 18, 2007
Top Definition
An inexspensive whiskey from Canada. Re-named because of the two siberian huskies on the label.
After a few rounds the proper name had been forgotten and in moment of pure brilliance the phrase was uttered "Gimme some more of that... that....TwoDog!"
Also see twodogism
by Roy D. January 20, 2008
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