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An encouragement for urgency from one partner to the other, administered by placing both hands on the butt-cheeks and applying playful but noticeable strength (Note: the stronger the slap, the greater the urgency).
Typically performed whilst the couple stand giggling at the front door of an apartment, struggling to turn the key.

The motives for this technique can be affectionate, sexual or prosaic.

Not to be confused with a 'One-Hand Doorstep Buttslap'
Sexual -
Guy: "Man, I was so horny and she was taking forever to turn the key"
Guy's buddy: "Two-Hand Doorstep Buttslap usually works"
Guy: "Yeah. And I left my hands there as long as I could. Even though her wriggling meant it took her even longer!"

Prosaic -
Girl: "I was desperate for the bathroom, and he was opening the door like an old man. So I gave him a Two-Hand Doorstep Buttslap, pushed him aside and sprinted past"
by NorvenMunki September 18, 2013

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