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An unofficial honor given for excellence in any field. 'Two thumbs up' is/are not contained to any profession/achievement, and, therefore, can be awarded for any outstanding accomplishment.
When Ebert & Rober give a movie two thumbs up, does each of them contribute one thumb?
by Diggity Monkeez February 08, 2005
Two Thumbs Up was born out of a need to express and extreme delight in a situation / person / movie / music / etc etc.

If something is good it gets a thumbs up.

if something is indescribably brilliant - it gets a 'Two Thumbs Up'

But it's simply not good enough to just say the phrase - you must also physically represent the Two Thumbs Up in a strong motion with both hands.

To be used sparingly.
person 1: 'Did you watch that movie last night?'

person two 2: 'Yes - Two Thumbs Up' (and dont forget the action of Two Thumbs Up)


person 1: 'kirsten dunst?'

person 2: 'Two Thumbs Up!' (and dont forget the action of Two Thumbs Up)
by Mr Parb Johal October 28, 2004
A sexual activity between three people, including at least two women, in which the third person is lying down on his back between two women who are kneeling up and supporting each other, while the person lying down uses his thumbs to massage the insides of the women's vaginal walls, thus causing both his thumbs to be in the upright position.
"Suzie, Betty, and I had a great time last night. I gave them two thumbs up while they were making out."
by SixtyBucks October 09, 2013
Putting both thumbs up both orifices of the lower female anatomy.
Issac was giving Mary "Two Thumbs Up" last night.
by Prince de Perse February 03, 2009
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