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An adult who becomes at least tipsy after drinking only 2 beers.
dude, mike is a two beer queer

rofl man, my bro is a two beer queer
by Evbrez January 16, 2007
One who has homosexual tendencies only after drinking.
Amanda is a two beer queer. She only hooks up with girls when drunk.
by RediOrNot May 12, 2005
One who has two beers at a party and becomes intoxicated, and then usually does stupid shit.
Blaine: Dude, Will just pulled his tiny dick out in front of everyone, and we all laughed.

Danny: What do you expect from a Two Beer Queer?
by Cheff Mcclure February 19, 2011
one who can only drink two beers without ruining their sweater
Rob is a two beer queer after he ralphed all over paul.
by tom March 08, 2003
DEVLIN has two beers and is rolling on the floor laughing in his own shit
Devlin is such a two beer queer
by Harry Ballz November 04, 2006
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