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A persons ranging in ages from 15-25 that listens to insane clown posse and dresses in apparel that shows their support for the musical group. Often painting their faces to resemble clowns.

The label for said persons has an unknown origin, but is said to date back to the late 18th century. Referring to in common nature to twisted kids, young children with a rebellious sense of establishment.

This is a derogatory term.

May also be used to describe an ICP fan that is currently using or intoxicated on methamphetamine or cocaine.
Friend - I went looking for some baumbs and asked some icp kid if he knew where to get any. He sold me some bunk shit.

Me- Fucking Twiz kids these days..No sense of morals.

Me - You see that twiz kid back there smoking shards?

Friend - Yeah...
by mafukICP January 19, 2012

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