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The phenomenom where people strive to lead more interesting lives for the sole purpose of having something worthy of tweeting about.
I think her volunteer work and frequent trips to Europe are a direct result of the Twitter effect.
by Werdnurd June 19, 2009
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Explanation for a movie to have a shocking drop in the box office returns after one day in theaters. It used to be that it took a full week for word to get out on a film's poor quality, but with social networks now people seeing a film on its opening night can report instantly on the prospects of the title.

First seen with the comedy "Bruno", which had an impressive opening night, but then experience a drop of a stunning 39% on its second day of release. It was explained that word-of-mouth was happening instantly nowadays to explain the stunning loss of audiences. Recently seen with "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", which had a heavy 25% drop on its second day in release.
The movie opened with an impressive Friday box office and was poised for a successful weekend, but then The Twitter Effect kicked in on Saturday and it is now looking like it could be a bomb.
by Martini Shark September 20, 2010
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