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A game for Playstation, Playstation 2, and PSP involving vehicles armed with guns, missiles, and anything destructive. The game has many sequels, all of which involving 2 of the same characters:
Sweet Tooth -- An evil clown with a flaming head. Runs an ice cream truck in which he killed people in before he was in the Contest.
Calypso -- Head of the Twisted Metal contest. Grants wishes to the winner of the contest, but often twists the wishes to his own delight.
Player one: Sweet Tooth will destroy you!

Player two: Wrong! *initiates special attack*

Player one: Oh my god! You killed me!

Player two: Thats Twisted Metal, PUNK! Bow down to me.
by Armthehobos August 05, 2007
having sex with a girl in a wheel chair then pushing her down a hill or stairs
man I just did cindy the cripple, when I was done I pushed her off the roof though because she was a bitch...twisted metal baby
by NBS May 23, 2006
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