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A person who refuses to acknowledge the inferior nature of Apple's over hyped, over priced devices, such as the I-Phone, I-Touch, or I-Pad. The following mental disorder is the result of untreated "I-Phone Effect". The "twisted apple" will usually have a McJob, such as Starbacks, or work part-time as para-legal.They will constantly brag and boast that their I-Phone is the best thing after sliced bread. They will try to impress you with the GPS navigation on the I-Phone, but they never learn how to use it. They also obess on Steve Job's and will masturbate to his podcast's.
Ricky: Hey Britt, can you use your GPS navigation and get us directions to the Snoop Dogg concert. His concert is in Santa Ana, at the Galaxy Theater.

Britt: Sure, this GPS shit is idiot proof. A monkey can even operate this shit.

(58 minutes later)

Ricky: Hey Britt, are we lost? How come we are entering into Huntington Park?

Britt: (Valley girl accent) OMFG! This blueberry blunt you rolled got me so blown. I havent figured out how to use this GPS(giggles). OMG, the Apple salesmen made it look so simple in the MAC mall store. Let me call tech support.

Ricky: Britt, you are a I-Hole. I should have known you were a "twisted apple". (pulls out a Thomas Guide instead).
by tr353r February 01, 2010
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