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The scale from 1-10 of the Twilight fan.

1 would be someone who likes the book, not so much the movie, and doesn't veiw themselves as a Twilight fan.

5 would be someone who is a fan of both the book and movie, but isn't necessarily a Twilight freak.

10 would be a huge Twilight fan who sports the icons, tee-shirts and posters. They refer to themselves as "Robsessed". Some people of this breed really aren't that bad, but most that are post-movie Twilight fans kind of suck. If they heard that you've even read a chapter of any of the books, they will question you about it.
-Oh, you like Twilight? Since when?
--I always liked Twilight, but on the Twiscale, I'm probably a one or two.
-Really? I'm more of a nine. I really love the series!
by Damned Daybreaker August 11, 2009
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