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a very small and poorly rolled joint or blunt. Usually rolled by a drunk 'bro' at a party and usually only takes 4 hits to kill it. Rolled with as little 'substance' as possible to ensure only the bro and his bro friends get high.
drunk bro: "right after these two shots ima roll the fattest twinkle d u ever seent!!"
*by the time you see the 'twinkle d' it is a resin covered roach*
by therealbluntsmoker August 20, 2011
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To receive oral pleasure while on a train, airplane or car.
Man, I met this hot chick from India, and she twinkled me in my car.
by johnnyohjohnny November 26, 2010
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When under the influence of rainbow star sprinkles; When one becomes excessively happy and sexually aroused in a given situation
"Dude, Adrian and Anthony were so twinkled during lunch."
by sexyjuggernautbeast June 19, 2008
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