a douchebag/jerk that likes to sugar coat everything & make it sparkle.
Jess is a twinkle douche for stealing her best girl's man.
by BBYCAKES617 August 22, 2011
Top Definition
Someone who is lower on the high school food chain and gets picked on by the basketball team.
Heard in the movie 17 Again.
Nerd sitting alone at the table
Jock: Hey Twinkle Douche!
*Throws basketball at nerd's head.*
by ZacEffron'sGirlfriend April 14, 2009
twinkledouche (twĭng'kəl dūsh), noun - stupid, uncaring dumbass boy that leads girls on, telling said girl they "love" them, then quickly loses interest and goes after stupid, ugly facebook whores, completely disregarding the feelings of the awesome girls that actually like them.

twinkledouches may become douchecunts. twinkledouches are known to make perfectly nice, sweet girls lose their faith in guys in general, concluding that they're ALL twinkledouches, out to emotionally cripple every unsuspecting girl on the face of the planet.

twinkledouches usually attend social events, seeking out their next victims of douchery. then, they learn said girl's names and facebook creep them later that day, bombarding them with compliments and kind gestures.

douchecunts are also guys who tell a girl they're "in love with them," then like two days later ask one of their best friends to go make out in the back room of some school building somewhere. wherever the hell that is.

there's twinkledouche, which is a person who commits minor acts of douchery. and then there's douchecunt which is when people are just naturally douchy and try to emotionally scar nice, unsuspecting girls.

twinkledouches and douchecunts are both examples of sexually frustrated teenage boys, who care about nothing more than making out with whatever girl they can get into some closet somewhere.
Douchecunt: "Hey, I really like your friend. But I haven't exactly told her that yet.. And, uh.. There's a backroom of that school building if you're interested.."
Girl: "What, the hell. You're such a fucking douchecunt."

Twinkledouche: "Hey baby =) Love yoou <3 <3"
Girl: "Haha (= you too."
-two days later-
Girl: (checks facebook)
News Feed: "Senor Twinkledouche is in a relationship"
Girl: ... Oh ): Okay, then..
by NoOneLikesYou November 16, 2009
A gay person who has a passion for penis
look at him he's such a twinkle douche
by xTittiz November 18, 2011
A game where you put someone in a beanbag annd beat the living shit out of them.
Yay now i finally get to beat the shit out of Bob playing Twinkledouche!
by Muhbuh February 09, 2011
A jerkfaced loser douchebag with no life and a completely retarded and heartless bastard.
James B.F. is SUCH a twinkle douche
by MakeMeLoveYou126 August 30, 2009
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