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A fat girl who is a bitch, thinks she knows everything and has consumed a lot of twinkies or fat cakes.
A girl who is believed to be fat from twinkies.
A fatty who has consumed enough food that their personality has become shitty because they are unhappy with themselves and take it out on everyone else.....twinkies are always to blame.
Guy 1:Did you see that girl yelling at the cashier?
Guy 2:Yes, that girl must be mad about the price of her fat cakes she's definitely got a case of twinkieitis
Guy 1:it seems to be getting worse

Doctor:I'm afraid I have some bad news
Fatty: oh no i was afraid of this I'm pregnant ain't I?
Doctor:No you're just fat, but that you're now so fat you have twinkieitis even your twinkies are having twinkies
#twinkies #fat #bitch #fatcakes #fatty
by The observant one June 05, 2013
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