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A particularly rare occurance in where twins share red or ginger hair. Gingers have been proven to be becoming more and more rare and the probability of twins is quite small making twingers a particularly beautiful piece of God's creation
'Let me introduce my two friends Richard and Simon; they are brothers born on the same day and have ginger hair!'

'Pleased to meet you guys, I've never met real live Twingers!'
by Chris Dangerous Long January 30, 2008
A redheaded identical twin. In addition to being exceptionally rare, they are also likely to be smarter, funnier and more attractive than you.
Student A: "Yo! Did you see that? Twingers!"
Student B: "Wow, I never knew they actually existed..."
by i-preferpi April 20, 2010
Twat Fingers. The resulting smell and stickiness of getting to second base and not washing your hands.
Damn dude, did you just high five me with twingers?

Holy shit she must have been dirty, I can smell your twingers from here bro!
by Nadeem11886969 September 10, 2011
A twinger is someone with red hair that looks just like you or someone you know. They are your red headed clone and are more often than not a complete stranger.
"The other day I was walking down the block and I saw my brother's twinger!"

"His what?!"

"His TWIN-GER. His ginger twin. Someone who looked JUST like him, but with red hair."

"Hmmm, I wonder if everyone has a twinger...."
by Teressa S November 02, 2013
A set of twins that are also gingers. They are usually either really tall, atheltic and semi-good looking or short, dumpy and all around unattractive.
Meagan: "Hey, look at the ginger!"
Grace: "I hear he has a twin."
Meagan and Grace: "TWINGERS!"
by ohmydalai.lama October 11, 2010

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