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1. rare slang for breasts
2. a bizarre mystery television series
1. I saw her twin peaks yesterday.
2. I saw twin peaks yesterday.
by Adam December 24, 2003
Twin Peaks refers to having ones collar "popped up".

Twin Peaks is used mostly for describing the collar of a Sunglass-wearing rock-and-roller, and used less for describing the collar of a frat boy or bro.
Guy 1:"Does Nick have his collar sticking up?"
Guy 2:"Yeah, he really can rock those twin peaks!"
by Anti-popppp December 11, 2011
(Verb) Masturbating two men simultaneously until both "peak" upon one's face.
Could you hand me a napkin? I just twin peaked two guys a few minutes ago.
by Rene & Kath September 24, 2004