The mispronounciation of "trigger" basically by people who also say "nigga".
Check out my gear! It's got a hair twigga!
by PentaCrow December 12, 2003
Top Definition
n. (slang) An African-American who follows the twitter activity of another African-American friend.

I let my twigga, Jamal, know I was hitting the club this weekend.
#twigger #twiggas #tweegro #twigro #twig
by spe274 April 19, 2009
Noun; Twig-gah; Descibing ones followers on Taken from the slang term n*gga.
Hey, what's up my twiggas?
#twigga #twitter #twittering #nigga
by GeorgeBurns July 13, 2009
A catchy phrase used by everyone on twitter.
A clothing and apparel company.
What up my twigga!
Wait up my twigga's!
Twigga... please
I tweet all my twigga's on twitter.
#twigga #twigger #twitter #tweet #peeps #twitterer #social networking #myspace #facebook
by twiggawear August 04, 2009
A conjunction or "niggas" and "twitter" resulting in twiggas, a close group of friends that all twitter with eachother.
Rob: Hey, there's a party goin' on this weekend

Shaun: Bitchin', let me tell my twiggas what's goin down
#tweeps #twitter #niggas #twigas #twiggers
by mickenzie92 April 26, 2009
addressing one's niggas on twitter.
whatup mah twiggas?
#nigga #niggas #twitter #tweet #niggaz
by helicopterzzzzzz August 13, 2009
A twinkie (azn person who acts white) who acts like a wigger (white person who acts gangster).
Look at the twigga tryin to rock those wigger clothes, I don't think they know they are azn.
by redelixir April 03, 2003
1. A variation on the slang term "wigga" referring specifically to a white individual from the state of Texas. A Twigga will typically have a strong Texas accent which changes to a ghetto accent while he/she listens to hip-hop and imagines being "hard".

2. A white individual from the Texas region who "rolls hard" in their lifted Ford F-150 with truck nuts on the hitch while listening to 50-Cent and trying to talk ghetto slang.
"That Twigga has issues. At least I know I'm white and where I'm from"
#loser #identity crisis #wigga #8 mile wannabe #texan
by Joe "Twigga hater" Smith December 14, 2007
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