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A conjunction or "niggas" and "twitter" resulting in twiggas, a close group of friends that all twitter with eachother.
Rob: Hey, there's a party goin' on this weekend

Shaun: Bitchin', let me tell my twiggas what's goin down
by mickenzie92 April 26, 2009
When you and someone else are dancing and two or more people press up aginst you both while dancing.
Rob: Me and Elise were dancing and all of a sudden four other people came out of no where pressing up against us.

John: Sounds like you guys were in a mad dancewich
by mickenzie92 April 26, 2009
A less brutal way of saying "fuck you". Usually stated when small acts that annoy people occur and not a major dick move.
Jimmy: "hey, you gotta light?"

Rob: (pulls out lighter) "nope."

Jimmy: Dude, you're off my fav 5.

Rob: :(
by mickenzie92 November 10, 2009
A part of your living quarters or comfortable spot where you like to masturbate.
Mike: "Over here is the kitchen, there's the bathroom, and on that bean bag in the corner is my crank space."

Mark: "Righteous!"
by mickenzie92 February 05, 2010
When you perform oral sex on a girl then ejaculates on your face leaving it shiny aftermath.
Angel: So i was totally eating out Erika and then she totally basted all over my face!

Yun: Nice, looks you got shiny faced.
by mickenzie92 April 11, 2010

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