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a small man with no romantic prospects beyond
Did you see that little man at the bar, striking out with all the women? He better try and use someone else's photo. What a Twig.
by spkelly1985 January 05, 2010
5 9
A small stick.

By extension of this, someone who is bone-thin, usually unattractively so, whether they are naturally that thin or not.

Usually accompanied by chicken legs and a lack of booty in both sexes, a lack of muscle tone in males, and a lack of breasts and hips and curves in females.

Also see Twiggy, legendary 1960s supermodel who idealized this androgynous, starving waif look.
"I'm not a twig and I refuse to be."
-Kate Winslet

This little twig is my granddaughter? Aren't you feeding her?! She looks like a swizzle stick!
by Loreleili November 16, 2009
98 33
An unattractively skinny girl who has no curves, booty, or boobs.

Also a very skinny long boy without muscles.
That girl is a twig, doesn't she eat??

That twig disapears behind the light pole!
by the kool peep April 07, 2009
80 38
A lacrosse stick.
Dude, i need my twig to gnar it up on the field.
by lsimms45 February 06, 2009
53 31
another name for blunt, since a blunt is skinny, brown and looks in a form of a twig
"ima roll up a twig wid this ten sack"-mayne
19 10
a twig is the whole lacrosse stick. it includes the shaft, head, all of it
Bro: Can I see your twig?
Bro 2: Yeah bro, I just strung it.
by laxbroski May 19, 2009
19 11
An e-cig or electronic cigarette.
A twig only makes water vapor
by WillBrit May 12, 2012
6 3
small measly and/or worthless
me:you'r such a twig
by thehiddensociety February 18, 2012
10 7