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An insecure young man who gets off on defamatory of poor innocent young women. Also extremely needy, whiney, immature and has a huge leech stuck to them often referred to as "owen"
"Geez i found all this slander of myself on the internet today, someone's done a TWIDE"

"Theres a parasite on me, i must be coming down with twide! Quick, to the computer to write bullshit about other people!"
by Owen Mcrae July 10, 2008
5 6

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immature insecure jerk loner
an elite computer hacker/enthusiest with almighty knowledge.. (god-like)
OMFG !! i wish i was Twide
by EX0 August 11, 2003
7 5
a poor lonely boy who searches day and night to find his love - kelz0r (hoo is quite hot i mite add).
"I'll give you my sleeping bag and mattress kelz0r!"

"Fkin Twide piss off those flashy fans!!!!!"
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
3 7