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Making a person repeat the exact phrase over again unintentionally.
Nick - "I just got my ass kicked in brawl."

Noah - "What?"

Nick - "I just got my ass kicked in brawl."

Noah - "Twiced."

Nick - ...
by PolarBearNinja March 26, 2012
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Running over something that's all ready been hit and dead in the road. Also, haxing sex with someone two times in one occasion.
"Oh sick, you twiced it!"


"Yeah, I twiced her."
by Lonelily January 17, 2008
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South Jersey, 609, area where youth are becoming obnoxiously and violently hyperactive due to the style of music (Bousquadala, Do Things Right) and most likely casinos.
Similar to Hyphy, but with more Greezy Wheez.

"Yo son boy! You have been twiced lately!"
by Cream Hams April 12, 2007
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When you dis someone, or just tell them off.
"yo you jus got twiced dog!"
by cowcaver November 19, 2009
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