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Greg, Peter, Mark, and Riley bothered their friend Kim on twitter by Twhispering.
by DonkaliciousBadonkadonk April 17, 2012
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To talk and whisper at the same time. Like after the kids are in bed, or when it's quiet in the room and you don't wanna talk, but you don't wanna whisper either.

Or to whisper in a text message.
John: “I hafta twhisper right now Ellen, because it's past my bedtime and I don't wanna wake up my parents!”

Ellen: “Thanks for twhispering, so I can hear you John! Don't wanna get you into trouble so we can hang out together this weekend!”

Matthew: *John is such a douche for wearing that shirt that is cut super low!*

Geena: *yes he is, he's standing right in front of me and I can almost see his belly button! :)*
by lil Texan girl June 20, 2012
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