A quick hash tag to indicate a tweeter is alive after a near death experience, or doing something really stupid.
Man, I was really worried about @billdollins after his bender, but I was really glad when he posted a #tweetbeat this morning
by geo_rube May 09, 2012
Top Definition
A game played on the TWiF podcast where Martin Sargent asks Sarah Lane which of two words was tweeted more over the last 24 hours.
"Which has a higher Tweet Beat: I hate Star Trek OR I hate Glenn Beck"

"Which has a higher Tweet Beat :Michael J. Fox OR Boston Red Sox"
by orangeguy81 August 09, 2009
Fighting over Twitter - the only thing lamer than fighting on the Internet.
Johnny and Susan aren't speaking to each other in real life because of a tweet beat they are having on Twitter, what losers.
by Baggage May 22, 2009
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