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A person who refurbishes and/or mends broken or undesirable pussy.
After the bachelorette party, my pussy was so chipped up from all the hog, I had to see a Twatsmith prior to the honeymoon.

My beefsheets were so big I just had to see a Twatsmith to get a labia reduction.

Her pussy smelled so bad she had to see a Twatsmith.

My over sized clitoris looked so much like a small penis, I had to see a Twatsmith to have it scaled down.
by The Handlebar I January 26, 2011
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A person who regularly hammers good/great pussy.
1) Hugh Hefner is a master Twatsmith.

2) That douche bag always seems to get great pussy. He must be some kind of Twatsmith.
by The Handlebar I January 25, 2011

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