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Twatrat is a name given to someone that looks like a rat and acts like an idiot
man, that 'twatrat' over there is such a fucktard
by ryan tanzi May 10, 2008
7 1
(slang) a tampon.

Legend has it that rats were used before tampons were invented and were the inspiration for their design.
Pass me a twat rat, I'm blobbing everywhere.

Oh stick a twat rat in and quit you moaning bitch.

I always use twat rats, I prefer them to flange pads.

Shit!! I've got to change my twat rat, I've had it in for 4 hours!!!

by The Master of Definitions November 23, 2007
16 8
good old 'that time of the month' replacement for your cock.
not tonight the twat rat has beaten you to it.
by Fat Matt October 24, 2003
7 6
-also see-lesbian, dyke, carpet muncher.
definition--a lesbian twat lover...
she is so a twat rat...look at that hair cut and her shoes...TWAT RAT!
by whoo hoo January 29, 2004
4 6