Warts that grow on your taint - the area between your sexual organ and your anus.
My god, Tina gave me a bad case of twarts!

warts anal std taint anal wart
by Old Man Thompson September 22, 2010
Top Definition
A fart that comes from a chicks twat
"Yo man u smell that shit?"
"Fuck dude, I think that bitch twarted"
by Liquid April 17, 2003
'vagina art' Originally inspired by #1l
A paint brush, a sick mind, and a gullable female = twart
by sajj May 24, 2006
While in the act of twerking you let out a frat.
My girl was all twerking on my junk and let out a twart
by Crypto1143 June 16, 2013
To twerk and shart simultaneously.
Did you see that girl twart? Yeah, she sharted when she was twerking.
by jescifer November 24, 2014
A twart occurs when a person is twerking on another and either intentionally or accidentally farts on them while they're twerking.
Mabel ate beans earlier on the night of the party, so she accidentally twarted on her boyfriend.
by CatDaddi323 May 22, 2014
TWART(portmanteau of 'twat' and 'art')

Art movement inspired by a 19 year old because of feminists continual statements.
"If they need something to moan about, I'll get women to use their vags for art! And call it 'twart'"
by Martin A May 25, 2006
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