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A group of post adolescent toss pots who think they have the right to spoil everyone's saturday.
See "england band"
by keefdave June 14, 2003
A lady's back entrance
Shove it up the claypit
by keefdave June 08, 2003
A pet name for someone who likes a trip to York, especially the table football.
Get in there booncy
by keefdave June 21, 2003
Pseudonym of Karl Longden
Blah blah blah
by keefdave June 09, 2003
What posh birds from Broomhill called Wayne when he made them jump.
"Oh you farking twart"
by keefdave June 05, 2003
Another name for a pig or a cheat.
He's a cheating pig, that Warnock.
by keefdave June 10, 2003
An adjective to describe anything by Soft Cell
Fuck me, that sounds faggotty, I prefer the David Gray Version
by keefdave June 10, 2003
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