sandy tears
After I kicked sand in Trever's face, he began to cry, so i liked his twards away.
by AthenerWeiner June 22, 2010
Top Definition
a fatass reefer joint...
damn, i went over to andrew's house and he had a fatass tward rolled up...
by grimpin1 October 08, 2010
1. A 'Twilight' fanatic who is being exceedingly annoying. or 2. A Twilight fanatic who happens to be on a long rant about Twilight or anything related to Twilight.
(Sometimes both definitions can be used at once)
I don't want to hear about Edward Cullen, you tward!
by Basil Dealer November 29, 2009
When you can't decide whether a person is a twat or a retard
s/he is a serious tward!
by Stu-Wee August 24, 2009
One who is obsessed with their twitter.
Lindsay Lohan just tweeted her latest bathroom visit. She is such a tward.
by KennyDigital July 17, 2010
The female version of nard.
To hit someone in the twat. To be twarded.
by Mandie E. October 19, 2006
A deuche bag who ditches out on his pals, moves to Denver, starts to date an Ice Bitch and moves in with the hoe.
Tyler is a real Tward.
by Chodin February 21, 2005
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