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A sleep deprivated person that is spun out on meth.
Twackerjacks are easily detected by their severe body and facial contortions (see: Monkeyface).
Damn girl! You are completely twackerjacked. Go to bed.
by lledrovc June 24, 2007
The act of stealing (jacking) something while on meth (twack). normally from walmart, as tweakers still have some dignity as apposed to crackheads who steal from any one. normally entails long extensive methodically planned out details as to not being caught
when your meth has been stole, lost or misplaced
can be used as a noun to represent a meth addict who steals (probably from wallmart to support ones habit.
Dude I cant find my shit i think I'v been twackerjacked!
by toweaktosleep Jill Lovette March 17, 2009

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