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A turkey stuffed with a slightly smaller turkey. Usually roasted for Thanksgiving.
Dude, you violated a turkey. With another turkey.
Yeah, it's my turturkeykey. :3
by CustodesAstartes November 22, 2010
Its a turkey stuffed with a smaller turkey. Known from episode 10 season 6 of How i Met Your Mother called Blitzgiving
Ted: Instead of stuffing i'm gonna fill the turkey with a slightly smaller turkey. Its called ''The Turturkeykey''.
Lilly: The Turturkeykey?
Robin: I was there at the insertion. He used shoe horns. I'll be having sides.
by Warrmonger November 26, 2010
When you stuff a roast turkey with not just ordinary stuffing... but another slightly smaller turkey
Instead of stuffing, I'm gonna fill the turkey with... a slightly smaller turkey. It's called, a Turturkeykey!
by bumluffa November 25, 2010
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