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With all your mighty power, after hours of long hard work, you're finally able to shit a dense slippery one half way out untill it pops back in your anus against your will.

If frightened, the poop will not come out for hours; Like a turtle.

A poop with a conscience; A turtle conscience.

It is the act of taking a shit, but not realy taking a shit, as if taking a shit in reverse.

A dejavu poop.

A piece of shit playing Counter-Strike in your asshole with a 56k modem. "It's there!" "No, its not!" "He's back!" "He dissapeared again!" "Damn lag!"

It is the poop that feels as if you will accidently shit out a part of your large intenstine.

That one poop that makes your stomach feel realy good when it finally comes out.

A poop that makes pregnancy seem like a ride in a theme park.

A poop that makes you want to shove a spoon up your ass and force it out manually.
Wife: Problems?
You: Yeah, it's that damn turtlepoop again, it won't come out.
by AngelDongM July 05, 2010
10 0
Sitting in the bathroom and waiting a long time for results.
I rushed to the water-closet to do my duty but I just sat and sat--it was a real Turtle-Poop!
by Jerry Jacobs January 28, 2008
6 5