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Turtle Boy refers to a statue in downtown Worcester, Ma of a boy either riding or "riding" a large sea turtle.

According to the city of Worcester and those few souls left in this town with a degree of snobbishness, the boy is riding the turtle.

According to anyone who passes by it and looks, the boy is fucking that turtle and the turtle is giving one hell of an "o-face!"

Proponents of the riding theory point to the fact that the boy, while naked, has his penis hidden by the turtle.

Proponents of the "riding" theory point to the fact that yes, the penis is the fucking turtle.

While the turtle is making an "O-face" the boy is smiling slyly and smacking the shell I guess.

Strangely enough, the statue was made by the same guy who did the Lincoln Memorial in DC....which makes me think something is seriously sick about the Lincoln Memorial in DC.
There is no way that the statue is anything other than a boy fucking a turtle. Everyone who sees Turtle Boy knows that it is a statue of a boy fucking a turtle.

By the way....this is no joke, seriously, Worcester has a statue of a boy fucking a turtle
by Thropy April 07, 2009
gnarly pimp who lays down the hammers
that guy on the forums...
by tim November 18, 2003
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