A facial expression used when one screws up or has an 'FML moment' and doesn't give a fuck. It is more commonly used as the smiley ' :y '.
Guy 1 - Hahaha. You just spilled that all over your pants!

Guy 2 - Ah, Whatever :y (Makes the Turtle Face)
by Kimimaro June 08, 2009
The nickname of the character Bizarro Quinn on the show "Sealab 2021", as given to him by Captain Murphy. Sports a pink afro, shortened arms, and has a mouth like a chicken. Tends to say the word "Bizarro!" a lot.
"Bizarro, I love you, bizarro, I love you!"
by crazyrabbits May 05, 2005
Dr. Quinn's BIZARRO counterpart.
Quinn: "Why does my guy look like an egg, how is that--"

Turtle face: "Bizarro!"

by Sub-Zero June 11, 2005
The nonverbal, neutral acknowledgement of, or showing of respect to another by making eye contact, flattening the lips, and raising the eyebrows. This act is most commonly used in passing of coworkers, the elderly, and small children. The facial expression resembles that of a turtle's face.
As Brian walked past his boss in the hallway, he used a turtle face to acknowledge his boss without saying "hello."
by cmatkins July 07, 2009
Turtle Face is a mean, cold-hearted, black haired witch who looks unmistakably identical to a turtle. Their hobbies include systematically dissembling beautiful peoples egos as an attempt to remove the curse placed upon them by an enchanted turtle.
"Dude, that girl totally dissed your impeccable, irresistible face! What's with that?"

"She must be a Turtle Face"
by Sexy Mushroom Face December 04, 2011
turtleface your a chicken?
bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk, I laid an egg for you
by joe c August 27, 2004
The appropriate insult for somone who is such a dickhead that they make posts or define words under somone else's name.
Look at phi's definitions of pup, fo eva, and slutbag. Phi did not write those, it was some turtle face.
by phi December 04, 2004

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