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A day in school where one's backpack is so ponderous it looks like a turtle shell. Such magnitude in a backpack has often resulted in falling over and having one of your slightly less turtle-y friends help you back up.
Yesterday was a turtle day because we have a test tomorrow
by Elven Angel September 26, 2013
n. - A day to yourself where you stay in your metaphorical "shell" and do only what you want to do.

Typically, a person will stay in bed with a laptop and/or pen and paper. Maybe under blankets (like the turtle's shell)
Today, I didn't want to go to class or work, so I took a Turtle Day as my roommate brought me food in bed and I doodled all day. It was well deserved and rephreshing

I heard you're stressed out, why not take a Turtle Day? It can help you wind out!
by Saile February 09, 2011
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