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An awful mixture of a disorder, Mutant and Virus that causes the human victim to crave human flesh, have a webbed neck and case of mental retardation and a compulsive urge to stick out their tongue much like a lizard. They will often eat themselves till death and are not much of a threat. The disease is not fully understood and scientists do not know the means by which it spreads. The first case was found in a small high school FP Walshe found in Fort Macleod Alberta, and continues to spread to this day.
Keagan: "Yo what happened to my friend Tommy? Hes been trying to lick my face all day with his lizard like tongue and his neck looks fucked."
Whites: "Hes one of them. A Turners Lizard Zombie victim."
Keagan: "No! NO! YOUR LYING! YOUR LYING!! (sobs uncontrollably)
Tommy: Shhlurp! Graaaaaaaaaaaa..."
by TKM NEWS STATION November 09, 2009
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