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the process of accidentally squirting anal juices instead of the intended gas.
guy 1 "Ey bro listen to this!......O-Oh Shit."
guy 2 "What was that!?"
guy 1 "i just turkey squirted"
by analfrappuccino June 28, 2009
6 1
A severe form of diarrhea often associated with defecating in ones drawls or missing the toilet.
"Dude that bathroom had crap all over the wall."
"Yeah, the dude must of had the turkey squirts."
by ClubbieTim January 31, 2009
7 4
When you are fucking your woman and you cum inside her... You grab a TURKEY BASTER shove it deep inside...
Suck the Cum out and shoot it on her face...
by GiantPurpleMonkey March 20, 2013
3 1