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1. Turd and Turdette individuals come together to form a coupling in the utmost fashion.
2. Turd has won the undying love from Turdette and is able to manipulate every possible situation.
3. Turd takes advantage of Turdette by making Turdette pay for everything from food, clothing, & shelter.
4. Turdette willingly without questioning, drive Turd everywhere including picking up Turd’s Turdling a hundred miles away.
5. Turdette has become the stepmother for Turd’s Turdlings.
Turdouple situation:

Turd: Hey, I will pay for the pool tonight since it’s my girlfriend’s (Turdette) birthday today.

*Turd goes to restroom*

Turdette: I can’t believe he did that. I’ll have to pay him back later and take him to his favorite restaurant BJ’s and give him a happy ending.

*Her former friends stare at one another and walk out the door from Turdette*
by EmancipateTheChildren December 04, 2010
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