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One of the many ways of referring to the toilet

Referring to it in this manner suggests use of it for a number 2 rather than any other activity one can undertake in a toilet, such as a number one, number three, a Rippee, snorting benzoylmethylecgonine (coke) or other drugs, drawing weird pictures on the wall (graffiti) or even having sex.

Variants include:

shitter, john, crapatorium, lavatory, w.c,
fudge hole, shitbox, crapbox, watering hole,
outhouse, pooper, loo, latrine, honey truck,
interactive urinal, spend a penny, restroom, pissoir,
backhouse, house of ease, little house,
house of office, waste disposal facility, the dunny,
the brothel, dung-house, comfort room, bidet,
dumpster, the den, bathroom, lady's room, little girls room,
mens room, little boys room, crapper, poop hole, doodoo hole, toilette, eau de toilette,
One-man Conference Room
I need to visit the turd temple

Holy Shit can be found in the turd temple
by rzhhhh November 20, 2011
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