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A turd muffin is the act of being, stupid, commonly reffered to as dumb, retarded.
Dude, stop being a turd muffin.
by Alec "Baldwin" November 28, 2004
a strange word for when you just cant seem to think of anything else to say. Comes from the words turd and muffin.
"Geez man your such an ass" "Oh yea well um... um... your a turdmuffin!"
by Fish December 15, 2004
The act of and or the being of an annoying person, And/or the act of pursuing a dead joke, or continuing a joke that is commonly known as being not funny.
EX: My friend(we'll call him Drew)Drew, is being a Ever so Fricken Turd muffin.
by Maxisking July 25, 2005
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