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A trailer park or mobile home community.
Billy Bob: "Jimmy, that was some fine ass crank you've picked up for us. Where did you get this? It feels like my heart is going to explode!"

Jimmy Dean: "I picked it up at the Turd Farm that Old Man Higgins oversees. Turdlet number 36 to be exact, you know...Ray Ray's old turdlet."

Billy Bob: "Yes I reckon' I know a couple of people at that particular farm."

Jimmy Dean: Yep, right off of Pike Street. And yes Billy, this is the finest shit you will ever see. Say, now enough about Turd Farms. Quit hogging all the fun!"
by DiamondDPatrick December 29, 2006
Sewerage works or water treatment works.
Unfortunately the only way to get to the pub is to walk past the turdfarm.
by Brit Gorf June 20, 2006
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