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When a quickie just isn't fast enough. While a quickie may last 5-10 minutes, a Turbo Bang is a max 2-3 minutes from start (clothes on) to finish (clothes back on). It is the essence of a man channelling his inner two pump chump in order to get the job done in the most efficient manner possible due to time constraints or extenuating circumstances.
Pedro: Come on honey we’ve got to go or we’re going to be late.
Lila: But I’m need some lovin badly right now. Don’t we have enough time for a quickie?
Pedro: A quickie? No chance. We’ve got to leave in 5 minutes.
Lila: What about a Turbo Bang?
Pedro (looking at his watch): Done!
by bhl1677 January 25, 2012

1) The act of vigorously and unrelenting coitus.
That'll be useful when you're turbo banging his wife.
by Mike Honncho August 15, 2011
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