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U.S. military personnel whose job is to crawl through enemy tunnels in search of the Viet Congs.
The tunnel rats were American and Australian infantry soldiers whose task was to carry out underground search and destroy missions during the Vietnam War. The Viet Cong guerrillas had built a complex system of tunnels in which they hid themselves and their weapons when they were under attacks. They were extremely dangerous, with numerous booby traps and enemies lying in wait.
by Dancing with Fire June 29, 2011
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One who is in to eating some serious ass! A tunnel rat is not a casual ass eater or one who may by accident come in contact with the anus while eating pussy. Tunnel Rat is reserved for those who have made an art form of eating ass!
After years of practice and honing my ass eating technique, I have finally earned the monacher of Tunnel Rat!!
by AD218 July 30, 2008
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A very very VERY lazy creature who sits at home all day and plays Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Little is known about this volatile creature, but it is known that they like to masturbait to 2 girls 1 cup.
That Tunnel Rat just got MRSA!
by Abraham does it gooooood December 31, 2010
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I'll kill that tunnelrat for fun.
by Pooteck January 16, 2003
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Underground rap collective the Tunnel Rats formed in 1993 and challenged the conventions of commercial hip-hop throughout their career. The group's original approach to rhyming, beat-making, and songwriting made it well-known on the West Coast, appearing on albums by artists such as Mars III, DJ Maj, Coalition, Deepspace 5, and the Grits, not to mention side projects such as LPG, New Breed, and Peace 586. In the early 2000s, the group hooked up with Uprok Records in Seattle for the Tunnelvision full-length, which featured LPG, New Breed, Sev Statik, Raphi, Zane, and Dert. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide.

Now working with the supercrew "foot soldiers", and KRS-one, they are expanding thier influence and truely becoming leaders in the underground hip-hop community.

containing some of the best and most underrated rappers out there, they are extremely talented. singers, emcees, DJs, break dancers, and graffiti artits make up the tunnel rats and their discography contains over 18 albums.
Behind closed doors
Leaders make decisions with ambition for war
Multiple men are at the mercy of he who settles the score
Medals and awards are received as well as applause
For the one who puts most men in a corpse
Behind doors - no more masks are warn
Often times the past is reborn
Many are sworn into secrecy
Come on and walk with me
I'm unveiling the prevailing sin of centuries
It's called greed lust envy a million bucks
How many mass murderers are wearing khakis and chucks
Timbalands the heart of man devises wicked schemes
Look through the peephole of the priesthood and I see demons
But I can't scream cause sometimes I see me
I been the chief of all sinners y'all ain't gotta know me
I've been debated and hated by self righteous with no flaws
White robes and bibles but at night they got claws
-- The Tunnel Rats
by Sean Ewart October 15, 2007
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A group of people that smoke Weed under bridges without anyone knowing or caring.
Kelley: Hey you wanna go meet up with the tunnel rats today after school?
Emma: Yeah sure smoke some weed in that tunnel.
Kelley: I got some great Bud
by dagreatest69 May 16, 2011
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