An online blog site where fatty's, hamplanets and mini moons gather to make themselves feel better. Usually associated with fat acceptance, thin privilege and cake retention instead of water retention. Also related are the terms, healthy at any weight but not to exclude, a scale is just a number.
Chestbrah: Did you see the new fat acceptance blog on Tumblr.
Zyzz: Nah brah, don't have time for that.
Chestbrah: Understand, let's hit the gym and check our privilege.

Zyzz, Chestbrah:LOL....HAHAHAHAHAHA
Zyzz: Let's get a double scoop of D-Bol
by Grapeap November 07, 2012
Life itself
Sarah: Dude, I called you last night what were you doing?

Helen: I heard it ring and I was on Tumblr but to lazy to pick up, I was gonna call you back but I died of laughter from this hilarious post, sorry.
by OVO.OVO February 07, 2012
Mostly known by the general public because of "hipsters" and it's also where "planking" began.

Tumblr is the most amazing website, designed to bring lovely people together. Those who had tumblr before it was cool will know that it is "the easiest way to blog" and the most incredible website ever known to man, woman, animal, etc.

So basically, on tumblr, you follow people and I guess you want people to follow you. Then on your dashboard you see everything that everyone you follow posts. You can then "heart" or "reblog" a post that you think is rad. Reblogging will put the post onto your blog. And giving it a "heart" makes it go into a little section called "liked posts" which is pretty much a collection of the greatest things you've ever discovered on this site. However, nobody but you can see this collection.

Tumblr will either:
A. Ruin your social life, school work, friends, family relations, sexual relationships and even relationships with pets. (Take over your life)
B. Make you feel horrible about your body because your bones don't stick out enough.
C. Annoy the heck out of you because you can't figure out to use it.
D. Be the best thing that ever happened to you.

OR all or a combination of the options.
"I really love tumblr but I can't stop going on it. I'd rather look at pictures of cats then play with my real life cat, so my cat gets angry at me. "
by frazbox00 August 18, 2011
The easiest blog hosting site to manage on the web where you meet great people, fellow Losties, hispsters, and more. We use tumblr slang that may throw off the non believers who have no business being there. Also, we tend to express ourselves through hilarious GIFS that may look obnoxious to outsiders. Essentially, Tumblr is the 2nd best place after Hogwarts that only asks you to give up sleeping, a social life, and your soul before you can be graced by it's awesomness. It's not for everyone.
Person 1: Don't you have a social life?

Person 2: Uh no, I have a Tumblr!!

Person 1: Hey, what's your social status?

by lostieforlife August 12, 2011
A place for the people who hate Facebook, sexism, homophobia, unequal rights, and minions.
Mindy: *posts minion meme* I should def get a tumbler!
Everyone on Tumblr: *scoots to the far side of the chair*
by Old Chocolate Bar July 29, 2015
A website, a place, and a language.
"I was up all night on Tumblr reblogging pictures of tea."

"Oh my God! Bob! I haven't seen you in years! Where have you been?"

Bob: "Tumblr."
A language that is sometimes used in the real world. Which results in confusion, because it's like sarcasm, but doesn't make any sense. Or it's just a scramble of random letters.

"What the actual fuck?"
"Wat is this I don't even"
by aeb October 05, 2012
Fucking Narnia
Derp: Where were you?
Derpette: In Narnia
Derp: On Tumblr again aye?
Derpette: Yep
by LeeshaLauren February 14, 2012
a blogging website where you can post images text quotes audio and video. You can follow people's tumblr's and see their posts on your "dashboard." which is like a homepage. You can tag your posts, so others can search them. You can like their posts or reblog them, so they show up on your blog. You can search for blogs to follow by categories. You can edit the appearance of your tumblr with different themes and custom appearance settings.
by amandaxxo October 15, 2011
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