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a lilly-assed faggot.
look at that Tumblr Boy! what a damn lilly-assed faggot with his skinny-assed jeans and skinny-assed self, posting all sorts of crap that he doesn't give a damn about to fool naive girls.
by jl31 October 23, 2012
A guy who is on tumblr. He is attractive 85% of the time, and he is usually tumblr famous. It's common for a "tumblr boy" to be an attractive hipster. It of course doesn't matter what race they are, and they have nostalgic posts on their blogs, along with pictures of themselves.
Girl 1: omg mike is soooo cute! look at all those 90's pictures he drew on his binder.
Girl 2: I know, he's like a tumblr boy!
by ThatKarateKid June 18, 2012
A handsome teen who posts pictures of himself on sites such as tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, usually without a shirt
Girl: Gosh, Bob is so cute! He could totally be a tumblr boy.
by Karneesha9 July 05, 2013