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Someone who is a replica of Patrick the star from SpongebobSquarepants; Often lacks common sense but is nevertheless loved , Check the show spongebob squarepants for further details
"someone who sells thin mints, somoas, and other various cookies"

by muaha March 18, 2005
A girl (usually of Indian descent) who is funny and laughs at ANYTHING! She is gorgeous and has the most beautiful big brown eyes! They have a very sexy exotic look to them. She is extremely easy to get along with and you can trust her with anything! Get's along better with boys then girls, but isn't a slut. Tulsi's are often big chested and very outgoing and loves to party and have a good time! They are extremely sweet and caring but have a crazy side to them and are very sexual!
Aye bro did you see that girl Tulsi, damn she's fine! The things I would do to her!

(Girl 1) Did you see the new girl?
((Girl 2) Yea! She's a Tulsi, I'm so jealous!
by nigggaBhatin December 01, 2012
a smart girl ( more likely indian/pakistani) that is very sexual, a loyal friend but can go on mad ones at particular times.
she forgives but never forgets, don't often like reptiles, are very easy going and laid back
' that girl tulsi's fineeeeee
by Lgfukaz May 30, 2011
The coolest girl on the planet
Tulsi is a Plant
by Thequeenofswag April 25, 2013