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A word used to mean anything you want. Can be used as a space filler if you dont know what to say. May also be used if you dont have anything better to say.
Hey Jason, bring me that uhhh....tulku.
Dang I cant find that tulku.
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by Afshaun November 21, 2007
A tulku is a high-ranking lama, or holy man, of the Tibetan Buddhist religion. The famous Dalai Lama is a tulku; the rank is roughly equivalent to an archbishop or a cardinal of the Catholic church. All tulkus are lamas, just as all cardinals are priests, but not all lamas are tulkus. The vast majority of tulkus and other lamas are men, although there are a few women.

Reincarnation (the idea that all living things die, then return to life in a new form) is central to Tibetan Buddhism. Tulkus are believed to be the only living beings who are able to know and choose in advance the form and manner in which their spirit will be reborn on Earth. In addition to being reborn many times, and accumulating wisdom in the process, tulku and other Tibetan holy men are also believed to be ongoing, earthly manifestations of bodhisattvas. (Bodhisattvas are semi-divine beings, who symbolize and teach Buddhist spiritual values; they are roughly equivalent to major saints of the Catholic church.)

'Tulku: A Tale of Modern Ninja' is also a very cool book, written by Stephen K. Hayes in 1985 (Contemporary Books, ISBN number 978-0809253326). It is a kick-ass espionage story, and a fun way to learn more about eastern martial arts and the Buddhist traditions of Tibet.
Supplicant: "O wise tulku, isn't there some fast and easy way to reach enlightenment? My flight leaves this afternoon, and I'm kind of in a hurry ..."

Tulku: "If I weren't the living embodiment of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, the pinnacle of mercy and compassion, I would kick your lazy ass so hard you wouldn't need to catch a flight."
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by Verbithrax Pejorative February 23, 2012
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