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A walking puff of black hai and high pitched laughs. Prone to gobbling on cock.
uh oh here comes Tulin!
by Prince Matchu June 04, 2009
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a Turkish whore
Guy 1: Dude, last night, Tulin was amazing.
Guy 2: Dude, I know. I fucked her a week ago
Guy 3: Me too.
by iuwgfclbkas January 21, 2011
When your straight friend does something gay like ordering jello shots for you and him from someone other than a waitress at a strip club. That's ok.
Matt: Dude, let's order some Jello shots to show how manly we are.

Greg: I don't know man, i think that kind of gay.

Matt (to the waitress): Can we have two jello shots, please?

Greg: Dude, you're such a tulin!
by matt's mom is a gregs mom September 27, 2010

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